Best French Fries in Greenville

Attention health nuts: read no further!

A French fry is a glorious thing. These salty wonders made from something as unassuming as a potato are amazing enough to be their own food group. No matter how you slice, season, or dip them, there is no greater sidekick to your entree.

I’m a lifelong fan of pommes frites, and I can still remember my parents bugging me to eat the rest of my meal, because all I really wanted was the fries. Although I do make an effort in moderation these days, I enjoy those little sticks of Heaven whenever I can. Since I’m very serious about my fries, I recently embarked on a research mission here in Greenville, SC, to determine which restaurant was responsible for producing the valedictorian of local French fries. Let me just say that I’m not a licensed fry expert, I have no food critic creds here, just an intense love of fries, and I simply wanted an excuse to try them all (in the name of science, of course!!).

Let’s start with the runner’s up, a group of extremely tasty and respectable fries that almost took first place in my book.

Truffle Fries: The Lazy Goat

Sweet Potato Fries: Nose Dive

Shoe String Fries: Tupelo Honey Cafe

Crinkle Fries: Culver’s

Tater Tots: Southern Culture

Waffle Fries: Firebirds

Curly Fries: Como's Pete’s #4

Fast Food Fries: Freddy’s

There was a clear first place winner for me, and that was The Green Room. This Main Street favorite has won the triple crown of best French fries in Greenville, in my humble opinion. Try their truffle fries, sweet potato fries, and classic shoe string fries (notice I said “and” and not “or”). The texture is perfection, the flavor exquisite, the size, shape and texture are exactly what a French fry should be. You won’t find a better fry in all of the upstate.

Spring Is Here

The months leading up to spring are my most creative time of the year. I’m done with holiday orders, things slow down a little on Etsy, and craft show season is behind me, so my mind is freed up to think, while my hands are freed up to experiment with new ideas in the studio. This year, on the first day of spring, I launched several new handmade jewelry collections I’d been working on and developing throughout the dreary winter months. Here’s a recap of all things new at Once Again Sam

Geometric & Geometric Florals

An addition to my most popular collection, Curious Cameos, these designs are more abstract than their predecessors. Inspired by textile patterns, these designs are done in vibrant colors for spring. I used my laser cutter to etch the intricate designs into hand painted wood, then set the wood in a metal bezel. The pendants, earrings, and rings are all very easy to customize. 

Geometric & Geometric Floral Designs

Geometric & Geometric Floral Designs

Dipped in Color 

For this clean modern look, I combined exotic and dyed wood veneer with matte acrylic paint. I love the contrast of the wood with the paint. This collection, like the rest of the cameo-style pendants, uses commercial settings in order to keep the price affordable, and are easy to customize. Available as horizontal or diagonal, which can be done on small & large pendants, earrings, and rings. 

Dipped in color series

Dipped in color series

Painted Wooden Pendants

Laser etched maple and walnut wood is painted then sealed with Danish oil. These designs are geometric and are created through a process that reminds me of painting by number. The lines are etched into the wood with the laser, then I painted in each block of color after sanding the wood. There’s no setting to contain the wood, only a simple pinch bail to string it onto the chain. 

Painted Wooden Pendants

Painted Wooden Pendants

Turned Wooden Pendants

Recently, my husband and I took a woodturning class, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Turning is my new addiction! These pendants are made from mostly exotic woods, and a brass tube goes through the top of the teardrop shape, giving the necklace some structure and a modern touch, while also providing a place for the brass chain to loop through. Each pendant is one-of-a-kind, and are limited in availability. 

Turned Wooden Pendants

Turned Wooden Pendants

Once Again Sam Press:

Recently, I was honored to have my jewelry featured on Southern Living’s The Daily South, and get the chance to join Jamarcus Gaston on Studio62