No crickets, please!

Two new reviews to report today. Both readers seemed to have enjoyed Celia on the Run, but in very different ways. I love that! I love that the same characters and plot line, the same exact words in the same order, can have a unique impact on the person taking in the story that's different from other impressions on the same story. Plus, it's always helpful for me to hear the readers take, so I owe Francene at Poetic License and Mandy at I Read Indie a big thank you for sharing their thoughts on their blogs (and for the praise, of course!) If there weren't readers willing to take the time to post feedback, and I was left with a published novel and heard only crickets in response, I might start to wonder if somebody left a window open because I'm hearing crickets and I don't want to be hearing crickets. No crickets, please! Check out what these readers had to say: