Turning 10

On June 18th, 2005, Etsy began. So did my marriage. 

I like sharing this happy day in history. Getting married changed my life, and so did Etsy. That probably sounds weird, it's just a website, right? To me, and billions of others, it's a lot more than just a website.

If it wasn't for Etsy, I never would have started my handmade business Once Again Sam. They made it easy for people like me with creativity and ideas, but no business background, to get started and eventually succeed. I literally learned something new every day thanks to their mission to educate and help you help yourself and connect with others. After a few years selling handmade jewelry and fiber art, I now consider being a Maker to be my full time job. Being a wife is my other full time job. They both take work, they're both incredibly rewarding, and they both define who I am. 

Ten years as a wife has shown me a pretty good glimpse of the highest of highs and the lowest of lows life has to offer. We've been through some really awful stuff together, but we've also laughed so hard we've cried, we've both grown in so many ways, but still have SO much to learn. Thankful for these 10 years, and all that's to come.